Coalster - Leading Charcoal Registrant - SIEF Charcoal / Coconut charcoal

Welcome to Coalster - the Lead Registrant for Charcoal

Coalster has been the lead registrant for charcoal (EC No.:240-383-3; CAS No.: 16291-96-6) under REACH since 2009. Since 2012, Coalster has also been the leading registrant for charcoal from coconut shells (EC No.: 271-974-4; CAS No.:68647-86-9).

COALSTER offers other services to make the registration process as easy as possible for you.

Creation of a REACH-IT account

For a REACH registration every company needs an access to the REACH-IT system ...

Evidence SME documentation

SME stands for small and medium sized enterprises. ECHA charges fees for each substance registration ...

Laboratory analysis

For each registration, analytical data on the substance are required. Substance identification is a general requirement from REACH ...

Creation of inquiry dossier

Before each registration, an official inquiry must be submitted in the form of an Inquiry-Dossier ...

Acquisition Letter of Access

When the substance identity is confirmed according to the request dossier, the Letter of Access Agreement ...


After completion of the member dossier using IUCLID6 software, the data set is submitted to the respective REACH-IT account of the company ...

Find here information on registration and the procedure to obtain the Letter of Access (LoA) for the substances charcoal and coconut shell.

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